To set the scene, i am planning to run my 14th marathon in October, the Dublin Marathon.  This is a marathon I have ran 5 times, setting a personal best of 3hrs 15 minutes.  I love this marathon, the organisation is fantastic and the crowd support is brilliant.

Usually training starts 16 week before, with a weekly average of 50 mile per week.  This is going to be slightly more difficult, as I now have to consider a 8 week old new born, a demanding job and everything else that daily life throws at us.  However, for anyone that has recently had a new born child, they will appreciate the pressures and stress on your time this new wonderful little individual places upon both you and your partner.

ImageI am very lucky I have a very understanding wife, however as I set out on the next 16 weeks, I thought I would write a blog, to document the trials and tribulations of not only training for the marathon, but also training with a new born