Well the second week has begun!  Todays run was a 7 mile run, which felt quite comfortable.  Thankfully the heat wasn’t as bad as had been in previous days, and the legs knew it!!


I think the run was slightly helped by a Sunday night feast of fish and chips, followed by a good Mauds Ice Cream of Choccy Bear.  For those who are not aware of Mauds Ice Cream, it is a fantastic ice cream manufacturer in Northern Ireland!!  I am someone who has always been very careful with my diet, mainly because I was over weight as a kid, and from my own admission, had a difficult relationship with food, bordering on a mild eating dis-order.  Running has helped this, as I know if i have a ‘bad day’, the following weeks running will help burn off the excess calories.  Recently, I have started using the fitnesspal app, not because I want to lose weight, but purely to track how much my food intake is against my calories burnt, and ensure I take a bit more on in fuel.  This is the theory but in practise sometimes a bit different!

I managed to get out for my run mid afternoon when Rosie had managed to go for a bit of a sleep which was great, and always god to get one of the long Monday to Friday runs out of the way at the beginning of the week!