First week done, only 15 more weeks to go. Overall the first week was good, it did take some time getting back in to the routine of running 6 days a week, however given the fact the mileage was concentrated between 4-5 miles, except the Saturday run of 9 miles, it was a perfect week to get back in to the rhythm, with a first week mileage of 30 miles.

There was a number of differences between this first week of training and when I usually start marathon training, one the weather and two having a new born, now just over 2 months.

I’ll start with the weather first. Typically a summer in Northern Ireland is usually about 20C, and that is a good year. This week has been exceptionally hot, with temperatures most days hitting between 24-27C. I have only ever really experienced training miles in this type of heat last year, during a holiday in Gran Canaria, while training for the Berlin Marathon. After not running in heat like this for a while, even a 4 mile run leaves the legs feeling lethargic and drained, with a feeling of a 10 mile run not a 4 mile run! The first week mileage has been good, and legs are starting to feel like the pace may be starting to come back but we are still some distance from that just yet.

The second difference is the bigger difference, having a new born! There are a number of things which have helped this week getting the miles under the belt, one Rosie has been very well behaved, even with a bad cough, and two, and a very understanding wife.


Getting out for a run is no longer when you want to, it is based around when it fits in to Rosie’s schedule.

This isn’t too much trouble with a short run, however before a long weekend run, I like to get up, have breakfast, cup of tea and wait time for nature to take its course (all runners will know what that means). This isn’t always possible with a new born, as the new addition may not conform to your plans! Luckily for my first weekend long run, Rosie was great and enabled me to get the typical pre long run routine, but I won’t be expecting the same every weekend.