It always feels good when you get to Wednesday, and you still have the shortest training run and day off left to come in that weeks training plan.  There is almost a metaphorical pat yourself on the back.

Tuesday’s run was a 4 mile run straight after work.  My wonderful wife had suggested I simply get out of work on time, go straight for my run and then come home, as then I am home and dont have to go back out again.  Unfortunately I didnt get out of work as early as I would have liked, so I decided to run my 4 mile run for the week, at a quicker pace.  I averaged a good pace of 7:10 minute miles, and combined with another warm night, it resulted in a good workout!!

Wednesday night was running club night.  I will be honest, I only joined a club for the first time last year, as I wanted to try and push myself a bit more.  I am one of those runners that if I don’t have to push myself on a training run, I won’t.

The main reason I didnt join a club before was due to the fact that I didnt want to be ‘judged’ by other runners and it is tough to walk in to a new group as the newbie!   I knew I was an ok runner however I always felt running clubs were for runners who were about to do sub 35 min 10ks etc.  Nothing could be further from the truth in our running club, a relatively small running club called Up and Runners.  Typically we have a speed or hill session on a Monday night and a tempo run on Wednesday night.  Tonight it was a 6 mile run at a decent pace, but nothing too tough with Dervock Half Marathon on Saturday.  I would advise anyone thinking about joining a running club to do it, but find one that you enjoy!  Our club dont charge people to come and do runs with the group on a Wednesday night, so at least you get to see what the set up is.