Week two is now over, and the 38 miles that came with it. Overall it was a good week of training, with the body now getting back in to the rhythm of running six times a week. It has been helped by both good weather and a very understanding wife, who I will come back to later, as it will affect the running for the next few weeks.

Week two’s long run was the Dervock Half Marathon, which was a very difficult challenge given the heat, but a good barometer of where my fitness levels are at. I am not at the level I was at last year, however there is still plenty of time to get back there.

Week three has a training plan with a 13 mile long run, and a total miles of 42, another step up, and some longer midweek runs, however the forecast is for it to be not as hot and humid which may help. However, at the weekend, and from suggestion from me, my wife has decided to get back in to running and is aiming for a half marathon 9 weeks from now, hence my comment earlier. We will make it work somehow!