I spent most of the working day in Dublin, involving a 2 hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back.  This combined with meetings during the day, where the happy smiley face must be on at all times, can add up to a very draining day.  These are the days where I come home and can think of every excuse to take a night off.  However in the back of my mind I think, do I really want to use my rest day on a Tuesday.

This weeks running schedule includes a 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, and 13 mile run.  The 6 mile run was ticked off on Monday evening, and I really wanted to keep the rest day for later in the week.   However I cam home late, Ali was tired and I had that sugar craving that I frequently get after a tough day.   After deciding to put the run ‘off’ (back of my mind thinking nah not today), I put dinner on and then managed to get out the door at 8:30 for a 4 mile run.  Admittedly this left me with a 5, 7, 7 and 13 mile runs later in the week, but it meant I still had that rest day!