Saturday is usually the day for the long run, however this week I am doing mine on a Sunday, purely due to the fact we are heading to my in-laws for a BBQ tomorrow, and I am going to run my 13 mile long run to their house.  Todays run was a 7 mile run, a typical length of run I don’t really enjoy doing the day before a long run, however thats the situation we are in, lets just accept it and get it done!

While out running today, a run where I needed a toilet stop (number 2 always difficult, luckily found a restaurant/bar who let me use their facilitates) and the legs felt heavy due to leaving it a bit late and not taking enough fluid during the day, one thing stood out for me, as it has in a number of other runs.  A number of times I ran towards walkers stretched out across a pavement, and rather than the group think they would make a gap to let me through or possibly a couple drop to the back for a second to give room, I was forced a number of times to either stop or jump on the road and make my way round them.  I dont know if this is being pedantic, however this happens quite frequently.  As any runner knows there is nothing like getting knocked off your stride, and you are so thankful to either a motorist who waves you across the road rather than you having to stop and start up again, or a group of pedestrians making a ‘channel’ for you, but ‘making way’ is not a regular occurrence.    So if you see a runner or cyclist coming towards you, maybe think it only takes a second to make his/her path a bit easier.