I always knew this week was going to be another step up, as the weekly mileage went up by 4 miles and the week runs consisted of two 7 mile runs, which to be honest I didnt plan very well and left them to the second half of the week.  It is always better to get the longer runs out of the way by the Thursday, to give your body to recover for the long weekend run.

Again this weekend, weather was the problematic factor.  The forecast was to be overcast with possible rain, it unfortunately was quite the opposite, bright sunshine, high humidity and temperatures.  I typically dont start running with my camel pack until I hit about 16 miles however due to the weather I took it with me today, and I was glad I did.  The only problem, after about six miles the water had warmed up and wasnt really refreshing anymore.  Note to self, throw a few ice cubes in it next time.

The 13 mile went ok, decent enough pace, and good preparation for next weeks long run of 13 mile, luckily enough falling again on a half marathon weekend, the Cookstown Half Marathon.

One change I did make today compared to recent years, was the food intake after.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been using fitnesspal to track my calorie intake, and ensure I put enough in to the system.  After finishing the 13 mile today, I was in negative territory for the day (I needed to take in 2,500 calories during the rest of the day to put back in what had been taken out for the run, even with including a good breakfast before I went out).  As we were having a BBQ this evening, I ensured I ate a bit more, took on an extra burger and made sure I filled the gap.  I am debating introducing gels and electrolyte tablets this week to assist the training and see do they have a positive or negative effect.