I cannot speak for all runners, however past the usual equipment and clothing such as shorts, t-shirt, watch etc, there are two big things for consideration when I head out for a run, whats the weather going to be like and should I listen to something when I am out for a run.

I have always listened to music or the radio when I have been out for a run, not because I immediately like it, there are periods where I zone out to the point I couldnt tell you what song has been played or what the radio discussion is about, but mainly because it was the done thing both in the gym and when I started running.  Over the last couple of years, there have been times where I have gone out for a run without any music or radio, and it has felt ‘weird’ however after a while I get past it.  One thing I was debating tonight while out for a five mile run, does listening to music compared to the radio make me run at a quicker pace?  I would probably say yes if I was listening to BBC Radio 5 live which is mostly debate and discussion based compared to BBC Radio 2 (too old now for Radio 1).  I find that a good playlist on my ipod will help get me over a hump, keep my pace high and distract me from the struggle of that particular mile, especially if the Rolling Stone Start me up comes on!!  I know a number of races have now tried to ban ipods and other music devices, and the traditionalist will say we didn’t have ipods or music years ago to run too, however I say use the technology that is there to help you how you wish.  Perfect example being a GPS running watch.  I received my first running GPS watch three years ago, and I can safely say it was the best running gift ever!!  That discussion is for another day and post.

Weather is critical.  As discussed a number of times in previous posts, this year has presented weather conditions not typically the norm for Northern Ireland.  Hot, humid and warm temperatures are tough to deal with when you are not dealing with them all the time, especially during half marathons where you are trying to raise the pace, such as Dervock.  Today for example almost presented four seasons in one day, from hot humid temperatures to torrential downpours.  However, if I am honest, I dont like the warm and humid days for running, I find the best day is winter time, where it is cold and crisp, you put the running layers on (including the running leggings or tights, quite a sight I know), gloves and hat and way you go.  I think those days are the perfect weather days!

Christmas run
tights, gloves and runners check, even the t-shirt from the cheat and lier!