After a day off yesterday, and a little bit of a chocolate binge, a long 8 mile run was the schedule for tonight.  Home from work a bit late, and by the time Ali got out for her 4 mile run and back home again the time was ticking close to 8pm.   Throw in a bath night for Rosie and this is the time the mind thinks there is an easy option, just go for a 4 mile run and it will fine running a 7 tomorrow and an 8 on Saturday, all before a half marathon at the weekend.  Now you want your mind to kick in with a strong statement of “No it isnt, get the 8 mile run done!!!.”

As most runners will testify to, the hardest part of any run is typically getting the shoes on and out the door.  Once you are past that point, it becomes easier.  However these are the times where you hope the mind can over-rule the body, that wants to sit on the sofa and sleep!

Thats what I did! I put the shoes on and started the running watch and I got out the door!  An hour later and 8 miles are completed, with the shoes back at the front door.

The feeling of completing a run, that you didnt really have the heart to do is hard to beat, especially when you know you still have a relatively short 4 mile training run in the back pocket!  7 mile run tomorrow then a restful Saturday before Cookstown Half Marathon on Sunday!