I managed to get my 9 mile run, the longest mid week run, completed tonight, which takes a bit of the pressure off.  I still have two 7 mile runs and a 4, not including the weekend long run, to do, however it is always a bit of a relief getting that long mid week run out of the way.

The week started fairly well with a 5 mile run on Monday, however Tuesday night was a complete and utter car crash.  The body just didnt have the energy through a combination of a long day at work, a long drive back and forward to a meeting, and the after effects of the Cookstown half marathon on Sunday.  This all made my body start to scream for sugar and unhealthy binge food.  I can safely say that was satisfied through a tub of Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream!

It wasnt ideal having the self imposed rest day on a Tuesday, as previously mentioned, I always feel like you waste a rest day having it that early in the week, however these are the times it is critical to maybe listen to the body, something I would admit myself I am not very good at.  Some people say “Oh sure give it a miss” or “Just stop” but most runners will know that isn’t a factor unless you are in complete dire straits.

Tonight the trainers were back on and out on the road.  It would have been very easy to simply run 7, and leave the 9 for tomorrow night, however I was determined to get it done.  At about 4 mile a song came on that I always liked and since last year have loved.  I talked in a couple of other posts about the effect of music on running, and particular my pace.  I also talked about the legacy of Olympics from last year and how legacy isn’t enough, people have to want to get up and get active.  Well, last year there was an advert of Omega, and every time I have heard the song since, I just want to put my runners on.  It came on at 4 mile tonight, and I definitely felt the legs lighten and quicken!