Over the last few years I have always felt the night before the long weekly run is critical for a number of reasons, one taking on enough food and two doubts!

I will come to food first.  As discussed a number of times during previous posts the unhealthy attitude to food has sometimes caused a ‘misunderstanding’ on my behalf over the last number of years of the importance on taking on a bit more the night before a long run.  This is something I have become better at over the last couple of years through simple things such as have a bit of a bigger sandwich for lunch the day before, eat a slightly larger dinner with a bit more pasta or spuds and eat a couple more pieces of fruit.    This definitely helps because the last thing you want to do the morning of a long run is try to take too much on and have a full stomach, or even worse a bloated feeling for the first few miles.

The second one I always think is critical, doubts.  Tomorrow I have a 16 mile run, and it has been sometime since I did a 16 mile run due to the fact I didn’t run a marathon the first half of the year.  However, even prior to this year, I always felt a degree of comfort when I doubted whether I had the long run in my legs, even though I had ran that distance many times before.  To be honest, if I didn’t have the doubts, I would be slightly concerned that I was under estimating what the long run was going to potentially take out of me.

As I write this before heading off to bed I can safely say I took the bit extra food today, and during a 4 mile run tonight, the doubts were floating round the head asking whether I had 16 miles in legs that felt tired and lethargic tonight.  Tomorrow we will find out!