The 16 mile long run of the week is done, and it is always hard to beat the feeling of getting it done, especially as I mentioned before you have doubts whether you have the distance in the legs. Overall wasnt a bad run, good pace bar the last couple of miles and where I had to make a toilet stop between mile 10 and 11, I will come back to that!  The legs felt good which is positive given it is a 3 mile jump from the longest run of this training plan thus far.  This will hopefully have a positive affect on the Groomsport half marathon on Friday, the 9th in the half marathon series.

Today I decided to add a couple of electrolyte tablets to my camel back to help keep the fuel levels up during the run.  Now previously I have taken electrolyte tablets, specifically High 5, before a run, but never during, and to be honest after today I dont think I will again.  They just didnt agree with my stomach during the run, hence the toilet stop in a local hair dressing salon between 10 and 11 mile.  Thankfully the nice hairdressers allowed me to use their toilet, event though they were massively shocked that a guy in shorts, t-shirt and sweating the bit out appeared at their front door asking to use the loo!  I am going to try and tai a carbohydrate gel during the next long run, as I think this is definitely something I am missing during long training sessions.

I arrived home just before the mens 10,000 metre world championship, and a wonderful performance by Mo Farah.  I first saw Mo Farah run on tv at the Edinburgh Cross country a number of years ago and remember Steve Cram and Brendan Foster commenting this guy is going to be big.  He hasnt sat on his laurels after the fantastic year he had last year, but worked even harder, and he should be an inspiration to any runner, put the work in and you will get the rewards.

The big difficulty after a long run is the tiredness, and Rosie was great at helping with this today.  While sleeping this evening we managed to get a good dinner, which is such a big thing given the big miles today and Ali is running a long run in the morning as part of half marathon training.  However, after sleeping for most of the evening, and Ali and I getting excited she may sleep during the night, Rosie decided to wake at 11:30pm looking for a bottle.  After a feed, she has now gone back to sleep at 12:30am, hopefully for a number of hours!