Week five of the training has been finished, and it has been a challenging week, with the weekly mileage up to 48 miles, however with a longer run than planned today, the actual weekly mileage was 49.38.  This is the most miles in a training week thus far, and I must admit was challenging, especially given I left most of my long runs to the end of the week, never good as commented in previous posts.  Todays run was meant to be a 7 mile run, however a combination of a really enjoyable run and running a route I hadn’t ran before, meant the distance was over a mile above target.

Today I hit 35 years old, and to be honest, it makes me even more determined to keep up my running, purely to give a good role model to my daughter than exercise is important.  It also was the three year anniversary of starting to use a running GPS watch, Garmin 405cx.  As mentioned before, this is one of the best pieces of running kit I have owned and it has served me brilliantly over the years.  Since I started using it, I have covered over 6,829 miles, running and cycling, 5,401 running and 1,355 cycling.   I started cycling a road bike two years ago as a good alternative to running, however obviously with Rosie it has taken a slight back seat given the focus on Dublin Marathon.

Ali also finished her third week of half marathon training today, and Rosie has been such a good baby.  This means we can try and get out for a run, because if she wasn’t sleeping, cranky and just tough tough work, it would be impossible.  Trust me, she is great, but that doesn’t mean it is easier, however she is so well behaved it makes it a bit easier!

Next week is week six, with the ninth marathon is the half marathon series on Friday, the Groomsport Half Marathon.  This weeks mileage total drops down a bit to 42 miles, with the longest run a 13 mile run, taken care of by Groomsport  During the week I have to fit a long midweek run of 10 miles in, which I think is going to be a challenge!