Week six has begun, and yes its on a Tuesday meaning I have taken my rest day already.   However, after deciding to listening to my body yesterday, and especially my legs I decided it was the best course of action.  Tonight I started the week positively, with a good 6 mile run.

This weeks total mileage drops to 42 miles, with two 4 mile, one five, a 6 mile, 10 and 13 mile run.  The half marathon on Friday night will take care of the 13 mile run, and it is my intention to try and get the 10 mile run out of the way tomorrow night.  This weeks running plan is also slightly helped by the fact I am on leave Thursday and Friday, so hopefully that will help preparation for both the half marathon and fitting in my Thursday run.

Big aim for this week is to get a new pair of Nike Triax, which are needed very badly.  I have ran in NIke triad, or structure as they are now called for years, with the odd change to Saucony, Brooks and Asics, and to be honest I never warmed to any of them.  I am quite loyal to brands that I believe in or have ‘treated’ me well, I if I am honest I would say I am very loyal to Nike, not because they are cool or because some runners I look up to such as Mo Farah and Paula Ratcliffe run in their kit, but purely as the shoes and kits have always worked for me and thats enough.   I have started to feel the support starting to lack over the last couple of weeks in the shoes, and they have over 500 miles in them, so I think now is the time to change!