Thankfully after last nights performance, the legs have not felt any ill effects, even the usual tightness the morning after a race isn’t there. Hopefully this is a further sign that the fitness levels are increasing even further. Today’s run was a short 4 mile run, made more interesting as it was through an area I have only ran a couple of times before, something I always find makes a run really interesting.

Up to about two years ago I travelled quite a bit for work, to both the Uk and North America, which made running really interesting. I hate treadmill running, I find it really boring and un-appealing, done sent excite me the slightest, meaning that since I started running with my GPS watch and before when I used Nike+, I have always tried to run outside. This has led to some great and some very interesting runs. Runs around London, Chicago, New York and especially Washington, D.C. Where just brilliant. I was lucky enough to run past the White House quite a bit for two to three years and spend winter running on the Chicago shore line (extremely cold but brilliant). However there were the odd ‘interesting’ run, which as making a wrong turn in Phiadelphia and running in a neighbour hood that I definitely shouldn’t have been running in.

Todays run, 4 miles, was around Maynooth outside Dublin. A lovely part of the world, and somewhere I have only ran a few times. A change from the usual route always helps put a spring in the step, and after today’s sub 30 mins 4 mile run, there definitely was a spring in the running stride!