Week six has come to an end, and its 42 miles have been covered.  Week seven has begun, and it is going to be a challenging week, with 50 miles to cover, including an overseas work trip to contend with!  Over the weekend, We chanced our first weekend away with Rosie, not for the faint hearted and I think we took everything but the kitchen sink with us.  Thankfully the parents in law came with us to help out.  This enabled us to do one thing Ali and I hadn’t done in a long time, probably coming close to a year….a run together.

When Ali has been training for her two half marathons so far, I have always helped out with the training runs and completed them with her.  I don’t whether this helps her or not, but she has always commented it has, especially when it comes to pace.  On Sunday, we managed to get out first five mile run together in nearly a year.  For the weekend, we were in a place outside Dublin called Carton house, and managed to get a great 5 mile run, not at any spectacular pace, but more just to do a run together.

This combined with the change of scenery and the fresh air made it a massively enjoyable run!.

Carton House
Carton House Maynooth Dublin, perfect running!

As we arrived back on a Monday evening, there was the temptation not to run, but again, dont give the up rest day this early in the week.  I managed to get a 4 mile run under the belt which will help especially as this will be a very busy week!