This week was always going to be tough, not only did the mileage increase to 50 miles, but I have spent three days in Budapest, a city I have never stayed in before. As any runner know, the first thing you think about when you arrive in a new city is where can I go for a run. Thankfully the week prior, I had carried out a bit of research and found the Margitziget island, based in the middle of the Danube river in Budapest and only a mile from the hotel. The island had a 5k running track and ideal for running.

I arrived late on Wednesday night, not feeling the greatest with a dodgy stomach. I intended using my rest day on Saturday, however due to not feeling 100%, a Wednesday early morning run was cancelled and not due to usual reason of struggling to get out of bed. Even though we arrived late on the Wednesday night, I went with the intention of trying to get a run in before starting the days work and meetings, however as discussed previously, I am not a great morning run person. It was also in the back of my mind that I still had to run a 11,7 and 5 mile run this week before my long run at the weekend, 16 miles this week, and I knew if I did not fit in the 11 mile run on one of the two days, I wold have to run it and the 16 mile run on consecutive days, something which didn’t fill me much glee. After finishing of the meeting on the Thursday at 5, I headed out with the intention of seeing how the legs were feeling and running a minimum of 7 miles. Budapest was extremely warm and humid, and the legs already felt slightly heavy from the travelling and the intensive meeting. I started the run, and after 6 miles thought the most I would run would be 7, however I pushed on. I am not sure how, but I managed to get the 11 miles completed, admittedly relatively slow, however during the week I take the opinion it is purely about getting the miles under the belt. Thankfully I got back to the hotel, slower than usual but it was done! More frustrating was when I realised upon returning home, the run hadnt saved on my Garmin, bloody furious!

After a night out with the client, I managed to fire in a five mile run the following morning, leaving a 7 and 16 mile for the weekend. To be honest I was just happy I had somehow managed to run my 11 mile run the day before in a new city, in very warm heat and after an extremely stressful and busy working day, where the energy was sapped by constantly having to put on a work and happy face!

It was great to get home on the Friday night/early Saturday morning, being able to get in to bed and see Ali and Rosie, however a long drive from Dublin airport at midnight after a three hour flight isnt the easiest thing to do and I will say there were a couple of times I thought I was going to have to stop and sleep at the side of the road.

After this extremely trying and tiring couple of days, it was great to be home, however both Ali and I were extremely tired.  Ali has spent the week looking after Rosie without my support in the evenings (whatever support I am, Ali definitely does the better job!) and not having a massive rest bite and trying to fit running in. Saturday was a day where both of us had to try and fit runs in, and keep Rosie entertained. I must admit it wasnt easy, today was definitely a day where I felt 20 minutes of play time was like a 10 mile run in terms of exhaustion. It isnt Rosie’s fault but it is a tough balance. Ali managed to get her run, and I managed to get my 7 mile completed. Tomorrow is a tough day, with a 16 mile run due, and Ali running a 8 mile run with a hip that is starting to niggle. If I am honest, this has been a week where both our exhaustion levels are high where you could be tempted to throw the towel in. However, thats what always crosses our minds close to the finish line of a race, sometimes you have to push on through if you can.

20130824-095518 PM.jpg
Nice city but too hot for running 11 miles!