Week 7 has been completed and the 50 miles on the plan have been ran in Belfast, Lisburn, Dublin and Budapest, some would almost say a trans-atlantic week!  This weeks miles have been tough and I must admit, there was a certain amount of trepidation when I put the shoes on today to head out and get the 16 miles under the belt.  I last ran 16 miles two weeks ago, as specified by the plan, and combined with the fact I felt that run tough and then tough running in the heat this week in Budapest, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for a good run.

I set of on the run today with one goal in mind, run the miles at a steady 8 min mile pace, nothing stupid.  If I am honest, i followed that to the letter of the law.  The run took 2hrs 4 mins, more than happy with that pace at week 7, and back in time for Ali is successfully complete her long run of the week, an 8 mile run.  This is a massive achievement given Rosie is not even four months old yet.

Today I also had a number of the running frustrations I mentioned on a previous post, especially drivers turning in as they could see you running towards the junction.  I am not saying runners should have the right of way, however if you are a driver turning in to a junction and you see a runner about to cross it, let them as you dont realise how hard it is to get re-started and back in to the rhythm.

Finally this week I managed to get my hands on a new pair of Nike Triax, and thankfully already starting to feel the better support in a newer pair of trainers.

Next weeks mileage takes a slight dip to 49 miles, and thankfully no business trips!  Next SUnday is the Laganside 10k, and I think both Ali and I are going to run it, I will try to use it for a bit of speed work as it is a nice flat course, however watch this space!