It is almost hard to believe that the eighth week of training is already here. The first seven weeks havent been easy with over 291 miles completed, a new born baby, a wonderful wife who is trying to run a half marathon in two weeks and a job. However we are getting there!

Week eight training mileage is 49 on paper however this week there will probably be a couple of extra miles with the Laganside 10k on Sunday, as an excuse for a 10k and some speed work. Tonight I managed to get the first run under the belt, and I am focused this week on not using my day off until possibly Friday. That is a big aim this week and hopefully I can do it.

Tonights 4 mile run was a relatively flat run along the embankment in Belfast, which forms part of the Laganside 10k route. This is a route I like to run when I want to get the miles in but not push myself too much at the start of the week. It is a not a circuit that would help build endurance as there is nothing that looks slightly like a hill, however when in the mood, it is a good run to pick the pace up.

The start of the run I felt my achilles slightly, with a feeling of tightness.  I first damaged my achilles preparing for my first marathon.  After running my 20 mile training run, I felt my achilles very tight and caused problems for the next couple of days.  Basically I was having difficulty to walk, however I persevered with the training plan.  After a couple of days I finally went and saw my physio, the same physio I have put my trust in for the last six years, a great guy called Martin McClenaghan.  if Martin was honest, he probably thought I wouldnt finish the marathon never mind make the start line, however as he knows I dont typically follow medical advice that well!  After the next week and a half of stretching and being careful with the injury, I managed to get a couple of five mile runs under my belt before starting the marathon.  I managed to complete it, however stretching and preparing my muscles correctly is something I have never been great at doing.  I do ensure I get a good stretch before a race or long training run, but definitely something I need to get better at.  Exercises such as the ones in the following video are quite good,