Another week is nearly finished, as per usual Saturday for the long day run of the week.  Todays run of 16 miles felt good and I felt very strong during it.  I think this was helped by a number of factors including preparation and feeling the benefit of the new Nike Structure, but furthermost the day off or rest day on Friday.  I have spoken in a number of previous posts about trying to keep the rest day for as long as possible, and this week I managed to keep it until the Friday.  The first few miles today the legs felt extremely fresh, so much so it would have been tempting to push the pace, however I resisted the temptation and stuck with the principle of putting the miles in rather than trying to complete a fantastic pace on a training run.  There is no point hitting a peak now, 8 weeks before the marathon.

Tomorrow is the Laganside 10k in Belfast, a flat 10k that I will use as a speed session, however I don’t expect a miracle sub 40 minute time tomorrow.  I will take the first 5k at the same pace I ran Groomsport Half Marathon and then see how I feel.  If I am honest, a time between 41-42 minutes would be a positive outcome.