Week nine has begun, and two runs in the bag already!!  This weeks mileage is a total of 47 miles with the Waterside Half Marathon at the end of the week.  Thus far, I have managed to fit in a 4 and 5 mile run, with a 9, 10 and 6 mile run left to run, hopefully running the 9 mile with the club tomorrow night.

As I said in a previous post I feel we are now well and truly at the ‘work’ end of the training plan, especially as next week the long run hits 18 miles and this weekend I will hopefully complete the half marathon series.  I must admit when I started the series, 10 half marathon seemed that quite an undertaking, but thankfully 9 of them are completed with one left!

The last two nights runs have been good, however Monday nights run was slightly lethargic, I think especially given the 10k on Sunday.  I looked back at the results from Sunday, and I managed to run a negative split, something I have never done before in a 10k.  A negative split is running the second half quicker than the first.  As most runners will say, we start of quicker than we intend to and fade slightly at the end.

This week we have been given some glorious weather, but not to the point where the heat is detrimental.  There is nothing better than coming out of work after a long day and being able to go for a run with glorious sunshine.