I feel like I should start of this post similar to confession, “Forgive me father, it has been three weeks since my last post.”  If I am honest the last three weeks have been extremely tough both in terms of training, Rosie, work and family life balance.

The last three weeks training have been extremely tough.  I have managed to run 18 and 20 mile weekend long runs, at a good pace, plus fit in the Belfast Half Marathon the day after my 20 mile training run.  Admittedly I have missed a couple of runs in the last three weeks, however the weekly mileage has always been either over or slightly under the target mileage, for example last week (week 11) I ended up running 55 miles when I was meant to run 49, this week I will run 44 compared to 49 I am meant to run.  This has been made slightly more difficult by Rosie starting to settle in to a bed time of 8pm.  Yes this is great, however the biggest problem is having to get straight out of work, home to spend some time with Rosie before she heads of to bed, then gather the energy to get out for a run at 8:30 or 9pm.  This is extremely tough and I must admit I have really struggled with this the last couple of weeks, even with only a 5 or 4 mile run to complete, the legs are heavy and the energy levels are depleted, combined with not eating until very late.  It isnt ideal, and if I am honest has made me question the whole training, the ability to do a good time in Dublin and general levels of energy and sanity!

Tomorrow I fire in another 18 mile run, and I dont know if I have the energy levels, but I will go out and try to get it done!

As I mentioned in a couple of previous posts, the Belfast City Half Marathon was a last week and Ali managed to complete it, which is fantastic given Rosie is only 19 weeks old!!!!20130928-215849.jpg

The course was relatively flat bar a hill at the last 1/2 a mile, but overall a good course given Belfast previous experience of organising awful courses, however they still haven’t managed to understand that runners don’t like trying to drink from cups of water!

This was a massive achievement with both Rosie and a hip problem for the previous couple of weeks.  Rosie was very happy with a new medal to play with!


I used the Belfast Half as a marathon training run with a bit of pace.  I managed to finish in a time of 1hr 33 and must say happy given the previous day 20 mile training run.

My London acceptance for next year came through, however I am not even thinking about that at the minute, purely focused on the challenge of getting the next four weeks of training over, and getting Dublin finished!