It is now less than two weeks to go until the Dublin Marathon, and if I am honest the one feeling I have is simply wanting to get it finished.  The last couple of weeks I have really felt the full effect of the training, and have slight changed the approach.  I ran my 22 mile run Saturday the 5th, which allows me the two full weekends of tapering prior to the marathon.  I know this is the correct approach, however I had intended to try and run a 24 mile run last weekend, but the mind and body were unwilling!  The expectations for the day is now not for a personal best, the 3hr 15 pb will definitely be intact in two weeks, but to go, run and try to enjoy it and if I run a sub 3:30 time be happy and move on.

There are a number of reasons for this.  The last two weeks of training I have found incredibly draining.  I think this is a combination of number of factors, one being the new addition to our family over five months ago.  With Rosie, I have still been able to get the miles in most of the time, however in the last couple of years I have been able to supplement the miles with cycles and circuits training, and this is something I havent been able to do this year.  I just dont feel in as good a shape as previous years.  I also think the half marathon series, and pushing myself towards the end of the series is now having an effect, with the body starting to feel quite lethargic and tired.

After checking previous training plans, I have taken the text book approach of ensuring 2-3 weeks of tapering a number of times, ironically the last time a ran a personal best.  This gives me some confidence, however the aim for Dublin is now purely to try and enjoy and see how we go.  It is slightly strange in the fact it is my first marathon where I am struggling to have a level of expectation for the day, and that feels quite weird.

Over the next week and a half, I am going to keep firing in the miles, and I am going to run a 10 mile run this weekend to put some double figure miles through the legs.  I am nearly there, but I will be very glad to get it finished with the best bit seeing Ali and Rosie at the finish line!