Well, it has been 9 weeks since the Dublin Marathon, and here we go again, another marathon and another training schedule. The London marathon takes place on Sunday the 13th of April, and today marks 15 weeks until that date, and I am one week in to training.

Since Dublin finished with the surprise outcome of breaking the 3:15 marker, I have still ran a few times a week, just not the same level of mileage. I have started to diversify training with some Spin and Circuits classes, and some sessions on the turbo trainer. I have also started the routine of going to the gym or for a run first thing in the morning. As I have mentioned before, training first thing in the morning has never been my strong point, however I have found a routine that works. If I go to a Spin class I can manage to get through the class without breakfast, and have some before I go to work or bring some breakfast to work. If I want to go for a run early in the morning, I get up, have my porridge and a cup of tea to help nature take its course, them 20 minutes later hit the road. I am finding this is working ok at the minute, and time will tell how this goes.

Rosie is now sleeping through the night and becoming her own little person. She has been suffering from reflux, another reason why running in the morning is a good idea, as when I come home in the evening and Rosie has been bringing up her milk, Ali can be quite drained and tired and the last thing she wants to hear me say is ‘Right I’m away for a run.’ This is making me more determined to keep up the early morning running.

The first week training has been good, a plan of 30 miles, with a long run of 9 miles. It has helped with being off work both the first and second week of training, especially getting back in to the rhythm of running 6 days a week. Next week mileage increases to 38 miles with a long run of 38 miles, and hopefully a circuit class fitted in as I find this really helps my core strength.

Training kit wise, a couple of fantastic Christmas presents included a new pair of Nike Structure (staying in the box for another few weeks) and a Nike All-Over Flash Jacket, great for running in the dark with as it really does light up!