It is hard to believe that the second week of training is now finished, and there are now 14 weeks to go.  I must admit second week of training went as well as could have been expected.  This is an even bigger surprise given the awful weather we have had this week.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but I hate the wind, and this week there have been strong winds nearly every day!

As I was still on annual leave this work, it was slightly easier as I didn’t have to put as much thought in to fitting runs in, however I was keen to ensure I ran when Rosie was sleeping to try and spend as much quality time as possible with the family.  One thing I didn’t notice, getting the run in early in the day definitely helps the patience levels as the longer you leave it the more it starts playing on your mind that you still have a run to fit in.

The long run this week was 13 mile, the first time I have hit double figures since the Dublin marathon.  The training plan gets you to this figure very quickly, and the rationale is sound, however running a half marathon two weeks in is still a bit of shock.  All in all the 13 mile went great, and quicker than I expected.  I didn’t go out with a pace in mind, bar sub 8 minute mile, average and I was well under that.  It probably helped that the night before I was at my nephews birthday and took on quite a bit of food, including birthday cake and cheesecake, safe in the knowledge it was going to be run off tomorrow.

As this is the second week back in to full training, I must admit I do feel the odd ache and pain this week, especially in the hips and lower back, however that is probably to be expected as I am back to six days running a week.  I am not a great one for taking rest days and it isn’t the fact that I don’t know their importance, it is purely as I like to fit something else in as an alternative such as cycle/turbo trainer or circuits class.  With this in mind, I hope to fit in a cycle or some time on the turbo trainer tomorrow (Sunday) and a circuits class during next weeks day off.

Next weeks mileage increases to 42 miles, with the long run another 13, however I am back to work this week and I hope I can get back in to the rhythm of getting up early to go to the gym, as this will be a big help!