I have always read about how good an early morning run makes you feel, and always wanted to be that person that bounded out of bed in the morning ready to go.  As I have mentioned on numerous posts previously, that has never been me.  I have tried, I have set the alarm for early in the morning with the intention of getting out of bed, putting the running shoes on and getting out the door, however it is always something I have massively struggled with, both the physical getting up and the feeling of sluggish legs and arms as I try to do the run.  It is an alien feeling of tiredness, I have runs where I feel tired and not 100%, however for some reason the morning runs I feel just empty.

Before Christmas, I decided I needed to find a way to try and fit my workouts and runs in to first thing in the morning.  I knew another marathon training plan was approaching with London, and to be honest I didnt want to have another 16 weeks where I cam home from work late meaning Rosie already had her dinner and her bottle, and Ali and I just didnt get to spend any time together with Rosie.  Ali was very good during Dublin training, and as usual extremely understanding but both of us as the 16 weeks approached the end just wanted the marathon to be over, purely due to the training in the evenings.  At the start of December I started going to Spin class before work, a 7am class.  I didnt have breakfast before I went, as I didnt feel I needed my daily porridge unlike before a run in the morning.  I dont know why, it was possibly just a mental thing.  I managed to get in to the habit of doing this about twice a week, and I started to see the benefit of it in the evenings, I was able to come home straight after work rather than trying to go to the gym or go for a run late at night.  I then started to experiment with having my breakfast earlier, around 6:15 with a cup of tea, letting it work the way through my system, then head to the gym for 7:!5 and get a run done.  This started to really work, and during the first couple of weeks of December before London training started, I managed to have three weeks of this routine, getting to the gym for a Spin class or a run before work.

I decided the first week back to work after the Christmas break I would try to keep this going with my London training, and it has worked out so far brilliant.  On the Monday and Tuesday morning I managed to get both 7 mile runs completed in the morning, followed by my 6 mile run on Wednesday morning.  I followed the routine of having my breakfast before I went, and it was working a treat!  On Thursday I had either a 5 or 4 mile run to do, and I though I would take the gamble and head to the gym without my breakfast to see how I got on.  I took a small box of raisins on the way to the gym and taking this approach on both Thursday and Friday morning worked well.  At the end of the week, I managed to train every morning, and get home every night shortly after 6.  I even managed to fit a circuits class in on Friday night.  However, each night I was home in time for Rosie’s dinner and bottle, Ali and I managed to get dinner at a reasonable time and the runs were done first thing in the morning.

It will get increasingly difficult, especially as the weekly miles increase, however I am determined to keep it going.