I must admit, I am having to pinch myself slightly.  I am writing this half way through week six of training and the plan is going as well as I can remember in a very long time.  The past two weeks have gone great especially as the dedication to the early morning runs has continued.  I am finding this a massive help in terms of getting the run done first thing in the morning but also in the ability to get home straight after work to spend time with Ali and Rosie.  As most runners with children will appreciate, trying to get a run in the evening with a baby is like negotiation between the old USSR and the USA during the 1980’s.  No side wants to give in, but both sides appreciate if they dont accept a change or the direction the situation wont get any better.  I think Ali knows that if I come home and want to get out a run, she will just say yes as it will be easier for her rather than dealing with my mood from not being able to run.  This doesnt make it easier  on Ali, as she is the one having to deal with dinner and Rosie at the same time.  With runs in the morning, there is no need for that negotiation in the evenings, which is just great.  Ali has been great at not protesting to me getting to one evening circuits class a week, an early Friday class, meaning I am not home much later than the norm.

The miles have started the go up the past couple of weeks, with weekly mileage of 48 in week five and a 16 mile run on the Saturday.  The run went well, however I am bearing in mind, as the plan continues to go well, the gradual melt down in energy towards the end of the Dublin training plan.  Admittedly I did manage to run a PB in Dublin, however the last three weeks of running were horrendous with I total hate of the plan.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am on leave from work before starting a new job which is great especially as the miles increase further however I am determined to keep the early morning run routine, as it is working and meaning the training isnt totally taking over not only my life but my families life!