It has now been nearly two months since the London marathon, and I safely say I do not miss the long training runs.  This isn’t a case of making a decision against running any more marathons, far from it I still intend to run Dublin in October, however I have entered my first triathlon in July and I am cycling the maracycle between Belfast and Dublin (110 miles/176km) at the end of June. This has given me something different to focus upon.  I am training each day, sometimes twice or three times a day, but the mental and physical tiredness that comes from 50 plus running miles a week doesn’t appear with long cycles, early mornings in the pool and 4 mile runs at lunchtime.  It may be the fact the body isn’t familiar with combining everything, but I must admit I like the feeling of it!

The first event in my sites is the Belfast to Dublin maracycle on the 29th of June.  Thus far I have managed to cycle 72 miles comfortably without any ill effects and I am feeling confident about the cycle, as long as there isn’t awful weather.  The triathlon is the 21st of July, and after buying my triathlon suit, I have had a couple of trial runs of doing the 750m swim, jumping straight out of the pool and running a 5km. I was always worried how this would affect my pace but I have still managed to get my 5km completed in 20 mins.  I only have to throw the 20km bike ride in!  If it goes to plan I am tempted to give an olympic distance a go in September, however thats a open water swim!