When I started running triathlons I was amazed at how time seemed to speed up in transition. I looked at results and could understand how people managed to get in and out of transition in half the time it was taking me.

Admittedly I still have room for improvement but have become a lot better, for example in the recent Belfast Titanic Triathlon I shaved 2minutes 30seconds on last years transition times with a few small changes:

    • Getting the wetsuit off:  Once I get out of the water I start getting my wetsuit off.  Some triathlons make you take you wetsuit off as soon as you get out of the water (AJ Bell London Triathlon), however most allow you to take it down to your waist until you reach your bike.  Once I get leave the water I start taking the wetsuit down to my waste and upon getting back to the bike, pull the rest of the wet suit down to my ankles.  It can sometimes prove difficult to get the wetsuit over your ankles, I put vaseline on my ankles and wrists to improve the lubrication.  Then, I basically do the wet suit dance, using alternative feet to pull the wet suit off.
    • Bike:  I ensure I have everything sitting in order in my helmet to get on the bike and then put on in order number belt, sunglasses then helmet.  All I have to then do is take my bike of the rack and go.
    • Shoes in pedals: This year I have started to clip my shoes in to the pedals, however be warned this does take practise and make sure you use long enough elastic bands.  This is a great video which shows how to do it.
    • Elastic shoe laces:  Elastic shoe laces in your running shoes mean you don’t have to tie your laces before heading out for the run and waste any time.