This time tomorrow the Ironman 70.3 Dublin will be over.  It has been six months hard training with early mornings on the bike, in the pool and running.

After an early start to get down to Dún Laoghaire in time for registration and a reece swim, I have to say the process was simple.  Before heading, I ensured I had all my kit bagged in to separate bags, meaning when I was given my transitions bags at registration I simply had to lift my cycle bag prepared the day before and put my things in to the transition bag, to be dropped at the back racking area.  This mean there was no trying to find things in a suitcase or bag.


After completing registration smoothly I made my way to the swim practise area where I was able to do a short 10 minute swim, there was the option to do more however I thought tomorrow is the day I need a long swim, not today.  It is hard for me to rest, I arrived in the hotel at lunch time and have forced myself not to go for a swim in the hotel pool.  The practise swim enabled me to at least experience the water temperature and get familiar with the area before tomorrow which hopefully will be advantageous.


The weather forecast for tomorrow is good, overcast with little wind and hopefully it stays like that.  The nerves are starting, fear of whether the training will all help and reports of jellyfish a couple of days ago in the swim area.

Tomorrow will be big, time for light the candles and say the prayers!