Cycling in anything but sunshine and calm weather can be typical of the recreational cyclists.  I’ll be honest, that was me.  If it was raining or very windy I immediately made the  decision not to go out at all.  However there are a couple of things I have bought over the last year (2015/16) that have made cycling in these conditions easier, especially as I had to go out on the bike, the training plan said I had to!

I had been trying to get a good cycling jacket for ages, one that would keep me warm and dry throughout a cycle.  I literally stumbled across the Gore Bike Wear Power Gore-Tex Active Jacket to give the jacket its full name.  It is absolutely brilliant!  I have cycled in the middle of winter through wind and rain with the jacket keeping me bone dry and warm.  I can only find one negative about the jacket, it doesn’t fold up on to a package the size of an iPhone so it can be a bit bulky in the back of your cycle jersey however I can deal with that given the fact it keeps me dry when the rain is beating down and keeps me warm when the wind is howling a gale!.

The other thing I have bought are waterproof socks from Sealskinz.  Also absolutely brilliant, I have been cycling in the heavy rain with water in my shoes but my feet completely dry.

Both the above have made cycling in awful weather conditions bearable and, if I am honest, slightly enjoyable in a sadistic way!

A couple of other items to add to the list:

  • Good set of waterproof gloves, again Sealskinz are hard to beat for this.
  • A pair of overshoes, however I am still struggling to find a really waterproof pair.

Depending upon the season, your requirements will be different, in the summer you want breathable clothing to keep you dry, in the winter breathable and warm clothing keeping you dry.