The media at the minute is full of stories about mental health mainly due to Prince Harry discussing the sudden death of his mother and the BBC running a series of programmes on dealing with mental health, including a group of runners undertaking the London Marathon.  These high profile stories have finally encouraged many people to talk about the once taboo subject of mental health.  This, combined with undertaking a 100 mile cycle and three days later the Belfast marathon to raise awareness of Ulster University’s Mind Your Mood campaign (, has made me think quite a bit about the way I use exercise to deal with everyday things.  Exercise is an important part of my life, it is a way to work out stress, think about my personal and work life and keep fit and healthy.  However exercise has also stemmed from the fact I want to stay fit and healthy and not return to an overweight teenager which I remember vividly.  Taking on my first marathon was partly to prove I could do it, and each further marathon, triathlon and half ironman has been part of wanting to push myself and prove that my asthma was not going to hold me back or stop me doing anything, however the training and exercise has also enabled me to work out anger, frustration and resolve ensuring I can then focus on what is important, making the most of time with a supportive wife and wonderful little person.