I have struggled recently since completing Belfast marathon and a 100 mile cycle in three days with consistent good diet and exercise. A combination of low will power, a new baby and a bit of everything else has made me question how can you get the balance right between nutrition and exercise, and potentially change my impression of food, in other words see it as a nutrient and imperative rather than simply a calorie.

I’ve come up wth a simply plan, for the next 100 days I am going to eat and train healthy, no binges on chocolate but ensuring that everything I am eating is putting nutritents back in depleted by training.  I am going to combine strength and cardio training to see if this approach can also make me fitter and stronger.

So today it starts, I intend updating with photos and stats each couple of days.  In brief today was a six mile run under 48 minutes, under eight minute miles as exercise and consumed just under two and a half thousand calories.