I’m now at the evening of the fourth day, and nearly had one wobble.  Last night I had the feeling of being hungry, probably assisted by the fact the scales showed 11stone 5lbs that morning.  Rather than doing the usual thing of reaching for a loaf of bread, butter and jam as an alternative to chocolate or other perceived ‘bad’ things, I poured a small bowl of 25g of oats, a yoghurt and a banana.  This type of eating is exactly why I am doing this exercise, still eat but make a change in the perception of food, I knew the nutritional value of the oats, yoghurt and banana was better than bread, butter and jam. As well as this, yesterday after a four mile run at lunch time, I made sure I had a SIS ego recovery drink with my lunch to ensure I put back in what I had spent.

Exercise wise I ran four miles yesterday and did an hour turbo training session tonight.  Cardio tomorrow then some weights on Friday morning hopefully with an early morning circuits session.  Although, I am feeling the aches and pains from Monday mornings circuit class which is at least showing that it is working!