I started the 100 days challenge with great expectations of trying to ensure I didn’t eat unhealthy and I focused upon a balance of training, cardio and weight, with a combination of eating well to ensure the nutrition taken in was the best possible.

I started well and after 10 days had not fallen off the wagon, however day 11 came, and the fall was big.  Combined with ice-cream and chocolate the challenge was abandoned for the day, I felt like a climber up a hill who had enough, got off the bike and started to walk back down.  My body was screaming I want unhealthy food, one of the reasons why I wanted to undertake this challenge, to try and figure out how to stop the intermittent ‘screaming’ but also to try and stop the screaming!

I have adopted the attitude yes I have fallen off, however I have to get back on the bike and go again.  Since the fall off, I have had three days of healthy eating again, I’m ironically eating more calories but not putting on weight, the question is I am working it off or with the added weight training is my body simply burning it off, time will tell and I will do a test of my body fat next week to see what  the results are.