The cycle commute on a Monday morning is a double edged sword, in one way providing a feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment, starting the week off on a positive footing and leaving you feeling somewhat energised for the week ahead.  Obviously this is tempered with getting up slightly earlier than the weekend that has preceded the Monday morning, and the potentially enthusiasm has been given a slight dent by a Monday morning in January which is dark outside, a slight wind and a very light dusting of rain.

My cycle commute is a 16 and a bit mile journey, on main roads with some cycle lanes, where you spend the middle part of the commute praying for lights to stay green longer or change from red to green just as you approach them.  I, and I am sure like many other cyclists, stand waiting at a red light asking myself why is the light red when there is no traffic going the other way.  Surely in todays technological world, we could have traffic lights set with sensors which would obviously improve the flow of traffic.

The stop start of the middle part of my cycle commute still doesn’t take away from the sense of accomplishment from my cycle to work, combined with the diesel saving and the fact I haven’t had to endure a drive to work!