After a positive start to the week, a 32 round trip bike commute, Tuesdays can always be something of a slog training wise.  A Tuesday for me is trying to fit in something during my lunch break, which is tough at the best of times as it is very easy to prioritise the workload on the desk versus taking a lunch break and time to clear the head.

I remember reading, not sure where so unfortunately can’t credit the person, that 30 minutes is better than nothing and I can completely agree with that mentality.  After a bit of back and forward, I lifted my gym gear from under my desk and took the attitude that a four mile run over lunch was better than doing nothing, plus it would allow me some escape from the workload and enable me to clear my head, especially when I do some of my best thinking when running.


A four mile run later, and it was done.  The working world hadn’t collapsed, the organisation I work for hadn’t ground to a halt and there wasn’t a queue at my office door with questions and urgent requests simply because I had disappeared for 50 minutes and taken a lunch break.  However admittedly, during my run, at about 3.25 miles, I had a very strange pain in my right ankle.  All of a sudden I struggled to put running weight on it, I could walk but not run.  Gradually through a short bit of running and walking on it, it felt like it ‘clicked back in’, however slightly concerning!